About Us



The Backyard Shorts FilmFest is an exciting opportunity to view local, short films from Santa Barbara, Ventura, Ojai, Los Angeles, and San Luis Obispo. This one-day film festival will be on Sunday, October 22, 2017, at THE HITCHCOCK THEATRE (aka PLAZA DE ORO), 371 South Hitchcock Way, Santa Barbara, CA. 93105.

Our Mission

Our mission is to benefit our local emerging filmmakers by providing a platform to showcase their original work and creative talents. We celebrate and support these artists who put their heart and soul into a film. We will present short films which inspire and entertain the audience.


Meet The Organizer

Back cover photo

Dee Elias


Founder and Project Manager, Dee Elias, is excited to open the first
Backyard Shorts FilmFest in Santa Barbara! She is an entrepreneur,
author, filmmaker, and local business owner. Igniting a platform for
local filmmakers to showcase their short films is an opportunity to
benefit both artist and audience.

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